Wild Roo

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Eagle Mountain, UT - Meet Wild Roo! He is an adorable rooster. Wild Roo is very small and cute guy! Chickens are often underestimated, but they are actually very intelligent animals with complex social relationships! If you spend some time with them, they will learn to recognize you! They might be a good pet for you if you have a yard for them to roam in during the day. Chickens are herd animals, so Wild Roo will need to be adopted with another chicken if you don't already have any at home. Roosters living requirements also include a completely enclosed area for the birds to be secured in at night every night, to prevent predator attacks. Each of our roosters are to our knowledge in good health unless otherwise stated and receive a band before adoption.
Are you interested in adopting Wild Roo? Fill out our application today! He is currently located at a foster's home in Eagle Mountain UT. If you have questions please feel free to reach out!
Adoption application: https://service.sheltermanager.com/asmserviceaccount=as2888&method=online_form_html&formid=21
Wasatch Wanderers // Eagle Mountain, UT // wasatchdwaterfowl@gmail.com

Bird Info

Date Listed: 2023-04-09
Bird Type: chicken
Age: adult

Shelter Info

Wasatch Wanderers
Eagle Mountain, UT

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