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Hightstown, NJ - Introducing Kiwi! Kiwi is a female conure who was hatched in 2018. Kiwi is an approximately 4-year-old, DNA confirmed Female, Half Moon Conure that is a ball of energy, Adopted out once before, but the family stated they became too busy to give her the attention she needed. She doesn't do to well with other birds, keeps to herself, loves to chat with them, but has shown some aggressive jealous behavior towards them if they get to close to her, or to her person ;) She is very vocal, makes growling noises, beeps, and twirlly noises, and will say her own version of Step up ;) She has full flight but is sometimes hesitates to fly long distances. She is a bit of a plucker, and has been for some time now, but we have ruled out any medical issues, as she has been seen in the past and more recently by an Avian vet, and has had blood work done. They are hopeful this will diminish with more hands-on attention. They do not know how she does with small children, so probably not the right type of bird if you have little ones.
She will step up (when she is ready) and hang out on your shoulder as soon as she trusts you. She has a great diet, of fruit and nut mix, fresh foods, and we are working on getting her on pellets, but NO seeds. She is a little bird with a great big personality! If you have the time to dedicate to a little love like this, and do not mind her chatting it up with you all day. Kiwi is being fostered in Leonardo, NJ and will only be adopted to a forever home within driving distance.
*Kiwi is living in a volunteer's private home; only approved applicants can make visits. If interested in adopting Kiwi, please visit the website to read the adoption policies & procedures and to complete an adoption application.
For the Love of Birds // Hightstown, NJ

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Date Listed: 2022-10-04
Bird Type: conure
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
Hightstown, NJ

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