Wendy And Peter

Wendy and Peter photo
Hillsborough, NJ - Introducing Wendy and Peter! Peter and Wendy are a beautiful pair of adult parakeets. Peter is the handsome blue male and Wendy is the bright and beautiful yellow female. Although we do not promote keeping male/female pairs, there are times when they arrive to our rescue not exhibiting any signs of breeding and are also bonded, so in that case we do keep them together. This lovely couple are definitely bonded and just LOVE to curl up together on that top corner perch.
They also eat together when Wendy allows Peter to join her. There are occasions where she gets moody and controlling and will squawk and go to peck at him on the seed bowl if he's by her side, but that is why I offer them a second cup of seed so that they can both enjoy, which they do. As most birds, they absolutely LOVE their millet treats as well. I don't see them playing too much with their toys yet, but I'm sure in time they will. They definitely preen together and sleep at each other's sides. They love looking out the window and they sing beautifully during the day as well. Wendy is the more vocal one though. It's actually at a nice low volume too, they're not loud or rambunctious like some pairs can be. They would make a perfect companion for any home needing a little company or joyful noise. Peter and Wendy are being fostered in Hillsborough, NJ and will only be adopted to someone that is willing to drive to do the required visits. We will NOT ship our birds.

*They are living in a volunteer's private home; only approved applicants can make visits. If interested in adopting them, please visit the website ftlob.rescuegroups.org to read the adoption policies & procedures and to complete an adoption application.
For the Love of Birds // Hightstown, NJ

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Date Listed: 2022-10-04
Bird Type: budgie
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
Hightstown, NJ

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