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Jefferson, NJ - Introducing Coconut! Coconut is a female Lovebird estimated to be about six years old. She was named for the white rings around her eyes that resemble a halved coconut, and for her silly little heart! She is very bright, curious, clingy, and very silly, and she is longing for a new best friend to bond with. As a lovebird, she wants a lot of one-on-one attention from the person she can consider her best friend and flock mate. She loves being talked to. Coconut makes a variety of noises, from light chirping to shrils. Coconut has been stepping up very nicely for her foster family, which includes children.
She loves fresh fruit. She's very curious and will try many different foods, but oranges and apples seem to be her favorite. When it comes to toys, things she can chew, shred, and disassemble are her favorite. She is also a huge fan of swinging on swings! Coconut has laid eggs in the past, and steps should be taken to discourage this behavior as it is very dangerous as it can lead to calcium deficiencies and potentially egg binding. Heat, nesting huts, fuzzy toys, textured rope perches and textured surfaces she can rub against will encourage her to want to lay eggs, and should be kept away from her. She has not laid eggs in two years now, but should be monitored to be safe, especially in the summer. Coconut is being fostered in Jefferson, NJ and will only be adopted out to someone willing to drive for her required visits. Please consider opening your heart to her, and provide her a happy, no-kill, forever home she deserves!
*If you adopt her, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person.
*They are living in a volunteer's private home; only approved applicants can make visits. If interested in adopting them, please visit the website to read the adoption policies & procedures and to complete an adoption application.
For the Love of Birds // Hightstown, NJ

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Date Listed: 2022-10-04
Bird Type: lovebird
Age: adult

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For the Love of Birds
Hightstown, NJ

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